Casting agency

The Chaudhary Film Casting Agency was established in April 2008. And today, Chaudhary Film is well known and familiar name with most of the leading production houses and TV channels. We are specialized in meeting requirements of casting for Hindi and Gujarati Movies, Hindi and Gujarati TV Serials, Ad shoots, Documentary Film shoots, Corporate Film shoots.

100’s of the models, actors, dancers registered with us and have earned name and fame, get success in achieving their goal and dream assignments. If you too are talented and have a have a greedy urge to get established as a fine actor or model, then you must immediately contact with a Casting Agency. We are responsible for introducing fresh talents in front of an audience.

We help numerous artists who are well established today in achieving their future goal. Besides acting skills, singers and dancers can also approach the casting agency to stay updated about any new venture in the world of entertainment. We will keep you informed about the upcoming auditions, so that you can stay prepare for it and got a chance to win a role and achieve success in your career.

A talented person cannot achieve success due to his/her talent unless and until he/she doesn’t display the same in front of a large audience. This work has been made easy by the casting agency.