About Us

Chaudhary Film, established on 24 April 2008. We have our own acting and modeling training schools, where we provide training to studentswho want to learn acting and modeling. We have made so much hit
production like “Video album with HituKanodia and KiranAcharya”, whichwas a super hit. Another production on GTPL Channel “Unstoppable Crime” which runs successfully 15 months on Gujarat news, get No. 1 TRP in the channel and making a new trend & huge market that even no one Gujarati TV serial ever got. With these productions, we have prepared others “PremnaParkha”, Gujarati TV serial on Doordarshan with
the state cast like HasmukhBhavsar, JaiminiTrivedi, DhawanMevadan which was also No. 1 in TRP at that time as compare to other TV Serials.“Unstoppable Crime” is our ongoing project, shows every Sunday at 9:30 pm on Incable news channel, and has great TRP. Dream Come true with the project of “Ha Hu Dikri No Baap”, a big
budgeted Gujarati movie with all famed star cast like HitenKumar, ChandanRathod, SonuChandrapal, JituPandya, JaiminiTrivedi, Bharat Thakkar, Morli Patel, Hitesh Raval, RakeshPunjara, KomalPanchal, Ravi
Kumar, PriyankaPandey and many more. We set up a new trend of promotion by hoarding, social media, newspaper and road show with star cast in all over Gujarat for Gujarati Film and got a big response on
film also.

Capacity: Basically we have a team of creative persons, who have passion to create projects that are different and creative from the market. We are able to make ad film, Corporate Film, Gujarati and Hindi Film, Documentary Film and Short Film. Movie with Chaudhary Film: Every Part of Film is important from scrip writing to final print and to make quality film it is very necessary
to have a good and experienced team. We know how to make a quality film as we have a team of good writer, which provide writes the unique story. Music is a heart of the film, many films get success due to its
hit songs and music. We have complete knowledge of current music trend and composition. We always select and final the best director from a huge list of directors, who has good experience in making a film. As
the director if course director is a captain of a ship and gives new to Bollywood, they should be superior.
Casting: According to script it is very important who to cast, why to cast and is that character is suitable for film. So casting is a very important part and we personally very careful for the casting of the
complete film.

Location: It is very important and necessary to have a good frame look and a good location, so we have locations in India and abroad and are masters at it.

Technician:The most important thing is time in any work. If the shoot is not completed within time and requires more days, it will increase your budget of the film. We maintain Cinematographer, equipment title shooting schedule management of daily call sheet, daily schedule and complete the set with the time period.

Editing and Effect: The film with poor editing doesn’t work, whether you have made a good film too. So it is important to meet with an editor and see each small factor of editing.

Distribute and Marketing: The last but not least step is, promotion and marketing of the film. There are lots of film came but does not get good reviews, because they fail in marketing and Promotion. It is not only up to produce the film but it is also very important to put that film in theater.

Only 50% of the work completed on making a film but another 50% completes after marketing and release through proper distribution. Our team has a very good relation with all reputed distributors of Bollywood, which help us to put our film easily into the theater. So if you are interested to make a Hindi feature Film,Chaudhary Film is a best solution.We are very flexible,very transparent, and so hard working and creative, so we will put our 100% for the project.